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Intelligent Vehicles, 7.5 credits

Administrative information
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Study period:  
Course code: MK8005 (former MK8001 - Mobile Intelligent Systems)
Programme: The course is included as an elective course in the Master's Programme in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering.
Course responsible: Björn Åstrand
Other members of faculty:  
Examiner: Björn Åstrand

Course info:

The course consists of lectures/discussions and 4 exercises. To pass the course, the student has to pass all 4 exercises (a written report on each of the exercises), pass the written exam and give an oral presentation in the end of the period. Each week, the student should, together with the course literature, read some additional papers (see below), which are discussed on the Tuesdays’' classes. The questions, which are given additional to each paper, forms the basis of the discussions.

Course parts:
Written exam, 3 credits, grades: not passed, 3, 4 and 5
Exercise 1 – 4, which should be followed by a written report, grades: not passed / passed.

Reports which are well written and which contain relevant experiments and well explained results (with logical conclusions drawn) favor the final grade of the course in a positive way.

Oral presentation of a topic chosen by groups of two students. The exercises together with the oral presentation gives 2 credits, grades: not passed / passed

Exercise 5 is voluntary to do but highly recommended.

Exams and Solutions
2004.05.25 - ExamPDF (pdf, 55.6 kB), SolutionsPDF (pdf, 58.8 kB)


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