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CAISR - Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research

CAISR, the Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research, is a long-term research program on intelligent systems established by Halmstad University. The program is funded by the University and the Knowledge Foundation with support from Swedish Industry.

The focus of the center is on aware intelligent systems, computer systems that are human aware, situation aware and to some extent “self-aware". This means systems that can communicate with humans, systems that can be aware of human intentions, systems that can fuse information and be aware of the situation and not just individual sensor readings, and systems that can be self-monitoring. The subject expertize in the center is in signal analysis, machine learning and mechatronics. The center also has an emphasis on cooperating systems, in line with the research focus for the larger EIS environment.

Several industrial partners are collaborating with researchers from the University in joint projects, and also take an active part in the development of CAISR. The key application areas that the center does research in are intelligent vehicles and health care technology. The industrial partners include multinational companies as well as research-based growing companies.

Read more about CAISR and our research in The Annual Report (below), or download the reportPDF (pdf, 7.7 MB).

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The CAISR team, consisting of people from academia, industry and reference group

The CAISR team, consisting of people from academia, industry and reference group

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