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About DiVA

DiVA, Academic Archive Online, is Halmstad University's system for electronic publishing and registration of publications produced by researchers, teachers and students.

Vice-Chancellor's Decision

According to a Vice-Chancellor decision, it is mandatory for researchers and staff at Halmstad University to record their publications in the DiVA from 2002 onwards.

The purpose of the DiVA

  • To provide the opportunity for researchers and students at Halmstad University to make their publications visible and accessible.
  • Building a comprehensive Search Type of University publishing.
  • To facilitate the annual report and statistical analysis of publications by researchers working at Halmstad University.
  • To provide long-term storage and secure access to University publications in the future.
  • To disseminate information about publications from Halmstad University to other databases and search services.


DiVA is a freely available full-text archive. This means that everyone with access to the Internet may read, download, print and copy the resources published in DiVA. To use a work in any other way, eg republication requires the author's permission. The author always retains the copyright to their works published in DiVA.

DiVA at Halmstad University and DiVA Portal

DiVA is a publishing system for research publications and student essays and a digital archive for long-term preservation of publications. The development started in 2000 by the EPC at Uppsala University Library.

Today, DiVA is a common system for 24 universitiesexternal link. The development and operation is Uppsala University in cooperation with affiliated universities. Each institution has its own instance of the search and archiving. There is also a common search, the DiVA portalexternal link.


DiVA uses Fedora as a database system that, in brief, record and preserve. Indexing and querying program managed by solr. Both systems are so-called Open Source and is also used by the main search service SwePub, Swedish scientific publishing.

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