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In order to make your publications freely available you must have the copyright to them.

General guidelines

  • Material published within Halmstad University can normally be published in DiVA, if no special agreement prohibiting it has been written.
  • Material published elsewhere, the author may have limited / signed away their rights in a contract with publisher. Books, articles, etc. requires the permission of the publisher. Read more in journal articles and other publications
  • Images, diagrams, etc. as part of your publication and not your own, you must have the copyright holder's permission to publish in DiVA. Learn more about images and copyright.

What is copyright?

Copyright protections designed to strike a balance between author's rights and the public's right to use the author's works.

Economic and intellectual property rights

The copyright consists of two parts, economic and intellectual property rights. The economic rights consist of the right to make available and publish the work. The intellectual property rights state that the content of the work must not be distorted, and the right to be named as the author when the work is used. When transferring copyright, it is the whole or a part of the economic rights that are transferred, the intellectual property rights can never be transferred. 

Copyright transfer

From the beginning, it is always the author who holds the copyright but when publishing it is common practice for the publisher to demand a transfer of copyright, usually via a "Copyright Transfer Agreement", "Publication Agreement" License to Publish ", or similar type of document.

Having transferred it to the publisher, it is the publisher, not the author, who controls how the work is to be used and made available. Therefore, if you have published with a publishing house, you must get permission from them before you publish your full text in DiVA.

Now a majority of the publishers allow self-archiving in open archives like DiVA. You can check the publisher's attitude towards self archiving Sherpa/Romeo.

To preserve your right to self-archiving, you can add an additional contract (Author's Addendum), developed by SPARC, to the document the publisher asks you to sign.

Updated 2018-10-15