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  • Maarja Kruusmaa
  • Bertil Svensson

A low-risk approach to mobile robot path planninglänk till annan webbplats
This paper presents a self-organizing approach for mobile robot path planning problems in dynamic environments by using case-based reasoning together with a more conventional method of grid-map based path planning. The map-based path planner is used to suggest new innovative solutions for a particular path planning problem. The case-base is used to store the paths and evaluate their traversability. While planning the route those paths are preferred which, according to former experience, are least risky. As the environment changes, the exploration as well as the evaluation of the paths will allow the system to self-organize by forming a set of low-risk paths that are safest to follow. The experiments in a simulated environment show that the robot is able to adapt in a dynamic environment and learns to use the least risky paths. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1998.

  • Ejvor Åkerlund
  • Eva Odams
  • Irene Larsson
  • Bengt Fridlund

Nipple necrosis after reduction mammaplasty : A case reportlänk till annan webbplats
The aim of this case report was to describe a rare complication in the rehabilitative phase: nipple necrosis resulting from reduction mammaplasty. the patients in the two cases presented, having systemic disease, did not receive optimal treatment for the prevention of pyoderma gangraenosum; a plausible cause of the complication. Patients having systemic disease ought to undergo thorough examinations before submitting to any reduction mammaplasty. © 1995 Plenum Publishing Corporation.

  • Lena I. Mårtensson
  • Lisbeth Pettersson
  • Bengt Fridlund

Patients with fibromyalgia and their conception of health after an intervention programmelänk till annan webbplats
Fibromyalgia is a well-known syndrome interpreted as general muscular pain in the whole body and as pressure soreness in the so-called tender points. The cause of the syndrome is not yet clear and it has therefore been difficult to find proper treatment. The aim of this study was to describe how patients with fibromyalgia conceived their health after having taken part in an intervention programme based on ego-strengthening psychotherapy and the salutogenetic model. The intervention was performed by an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist. In this study, 10 patients were interviewed and data were analysed by the phenomenographic method. Four different catagories of health conceptions became evident as a result of the intervention; receiving confirmation, creating distance to things, gaining insight, and gaining control. The results showed that the patients had increased their sense of meaningfulness, comprehensibility and manageability of the pain syndrome, which led to improved health. Due to the fact that this kind of intervention requires comparatively small resources in terms of staff and financial expenditure it is suitable in small clinics, e.g. health care centres. Further research should be aimed at finding out whether this intervention also suits patients with other diagnoses or whether treatment in larger groups might produce equally favourable results. © 1995 Informa UK Ltd All rights reserved: reproduction in whole or part not permitted.

  • Marita Backe
  • Kerstin Larsson
  • Bengt Fridlund

Patients’ conceptions of their life situation within the first week after a stroke event : A qualitative analysislänk till annan webbplats
The aim of this study was to find out how stroke patients conceived their life situation within the first week of the acute care phase as seen from the nurses’ viewpoint. Six patients were interviewed within 3 weeks from their first stroke, using questions based on a holistic philosophy and analysed with the phenomonographic approach. Two main categories emerged from the results: the feeling of unreality and the awareness of a changed role in life, together with six subcategories; feeling of a changed perception of the body; feeling of being confused; loss of capability; awareness of confined life space; the importance of support and encouragement; and the will to look for new opportunities. The study concludes that the body change resulting from a stroke leads to both physical and psychological trauma, in which the psychological crisis can be very deep and best described as a personal catastrophe. The patient’s capability to receive and understand information becomes blocked, which influences both the nurse and the patient’s next of kin with regard to their care of the patient. Conversations with the patient must be frequent so that the acute care can be evaluated and agreement reached between the patient’s wishes and the nurses’ objectives. The results indicate the significance of intervention programmes based on crisis theory within the first week of a stroke event.

  • Ulla Wahlin
  • Inger Wieslander
  • Bengt Fridlund

Loving care in the ambulance servicelänk till annan webbplats
The ambulance service should offer good care signified by humane and individual treatment of the patients, based on love to our fellow man. The aim of this study was to find out how loving care was practised in one ambulance service. The method for the study was the critical incident technique. Twelve paramedics, the majority of whom are qualified nurses, took part in the study; they were asked to describe, in writing, critical incidents in which they had acted with loving care. The paramedics’ writings disclosed their ability to do their job with loving care, bearing on their cognizance, solicitude and empathy. On the whole, subject cognizance, the ability to judge and treat based upon the monitored symptoms of the patients, was apparent. In the main, subject solicitude loving care was shown through humbleness, consideration, closeness and being in rapport, and generally subject empathy, the paramedic’s empathic capacity and his knowledge about man’s behaviour in a crisis, became evident. From a clinical standpoint the study shows the importance of the paramedics possessing professional skill. As a contribution to science the study adds to continued research based upon descriptions made by other groups of personnel about the phenomenon to be studied; namely, loving care. © 1995 Pearson Professional Ltd.

  • Kenneth Nilsson
  • Bertil Svensson
  • Per-Arne Wiberg

A modular, massively parallel computer architecture for trainable real-time control systemslänk till annan webbplats
A new system-architectural concept for trainable real-time control systems is based on resource adequacy both in processing and communication. Cyclically executing programs in distributed nodes communicate via a shared high-speed medium. Static scheduling of programs and communication implies that the maximum possible work-load can always be handled in a time-deterministic manner. The use of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) algorithms and trainability implies a new system development strategy based on a Continuous Development paradigm. An implementation of the Architectural concept is presented. The communication speed is measured in Gbps and the access method is TDMA. An implementation of the system-development strategy is also presented. © 1993.

  • Henrik Aronsson
  • Christer Sundqvist
  • Michael P. Timko
  • Clas Dahlin

Characterisation of the assembly pathway of the pea NADPH:protochlorophyllide (Pchlide) oxidoreductase (POR), with emphasis on the role of its substrate, Pchlidelänk till annan webbplats
The homologous import and membrane association of a key enzyme for chlorophyll biosynthesis, the NADPH:protochlorophyllide (Pchlide) oxidoreductase (PAR, EC into pea chloroplasts was investigated in vitro. The co-factor, NADPH, decreased binding of the precursor protein (pPOR) to the envelope membranes in the presence of ATP. The decrease of the binding reaction with NADPH was not observed with the precursor of the small subunit of Rubisco (pSS). To investigate possible substrate-dependency for the import reaction, internal Pchlide concentrations in the plastids were raised by either an addition of ÎŽ-aminolevulinic acid to isolated plastids or etiolation of the seedlings prior to plastid isolation. Increased amounts of plastid-bound Pchlide gave no observable differences in POR import. The capacity of POR and 11 different POR mutants, carrying charged-to-alanine scanning substitutions, to form a catalytically active POR-Pchlide-NADPH complex and to associate with the thylakoid membranes in a protease-resistant way were tested. Wild-type POR, as well as the mutants with charge substitutions in the N-terminal region of the protein, exhibited higher catalytic activity than the POR mutants carrying substitutions in the C-terminal region. Formation of a catalytically active complex did not, however, increase the association efficiency onto the thylakoids. We can, therefore, postulate that the import of pea POR into pea chloroplasts was not substrate-dependent, nor did formation of catalytically active complexes stimulate or inhibit the membrane association reaction of POR.

  • Ingemar Hedström
  • Göran Sahlén

An extended description of the larva of Megaloprepus caerulatus from Costa Rica (Odonata: Pseudostigmatidae)länk till annan webbplats
The larva of Megaloprepus caerulatus is described and illustrated from specimens collected near the northern border of Barbilla National Park on the Costa Rican Caribbean slope. Habits and characters of larvae of three different size classes obtained from artificial tree holes permit the identification of small (body length 4 mm, excluding the caudal lamellae) larvae up to the final stadium. New diagnostic characters include the shape of the prementum and head. © 2003 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

  • Lars Kristén
  • Göran Patriksson
  • Bengt Fridlund

Conceptions of Children and Adolescents with Physical Disabilities about Their Participation in a Sports Programmelänk till annan webbplats
Sport and leisure can be of significant importance for the well-being and social support of children and adolescents with physical disabilities. However, it has been established that organized sport sometimes has a social construction, in that those without disabilities are favoured at the expense of others. The aim of this study was, therefore, to describe conceptions of children and adolescents with physical disabilities about their participation in a sports programme. Using questions based on a holistic view of the human being, 20 children and adolescents were interviewed. The method of analysis used was inspired by phenomenography. Six categories emerged: Getting new friends, learning, strengthening one’s physique, becoming someone, experiencing nature and having a good time. The findings show the great diversity of sports participation. Further, the conceptions mirror the difficulty of dividing people into groups and of delimiting important areas. The findings highlight the importance of programmes where actors from different sections of society cooperate. Even if the findings cannot be generalized, they nevertheless demonstrate that physical activity involves many positive factors both at the individual and at the society level. © 2002, North West Counties Physical Education Association and SAGE Publications. All rights reserved.

  • Magnus Hellring
  • Ulf Holmberg

A Comparison of Ion Current Based Algorithms for Peak Pressure Position Controllänk till annan webbplats
Combustion timing control of SI engines can be improved by feedback of the peak pressure position (PPP). However, pressure sensors are costly, and therefore, nonintrusive and cheap ion-current ’soft sensors’ have been suggested. Three different algorithms have been proposed that extract information about PPP from the ion current signal. In this paper, these approaches are compared with respect to accuracy, operational range, implementation aspects, as well as sensitivity to engine load and inlet air humidity. Copyright © 2001 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.

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