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  • Henrik Florén

Research Note: What is the ‘fuzzy front end’, why is it important, and how can it be managed?länk till annan webbplats

  • Anne Marte Pensgaard
  • Andreas Ivarsson
  • Agnethe Nilstad
  • Bård Solstad
  • Kathrin Steffen

Psychosocial stress factors and their influence on acute and overuse injury risk in elite female footballlänk till annan webbplats

  • Stine Nylandsted Jensen
  • Andreas Ivarsson
  • Johan Fallby
  • Anne-Marie Elbe

Gambling behaviours among Danish and Swedish elite football playerslänk till annan webbplats

  • Joakim Ingrell
  • Urban Johnson
  • Andreas Ivarsson

Developmental changes in burnout perceptions among student-athletes : An achievement goal perspectivelänk till annan webbplats
This study examined (a) the developmental trajectories of student-athlete burnout perceptions and (b) the within-person relationship between achievement goals and burnout perceptions. A three-year and six-wave longitudinal study was conducted with 78 student-athletes (30 young women and 48 young men, Mage at T1 = 12.7 years, SD = 0.44), attending a sport compulsory school. The Athlete Burnout Questionnaire and the Task and Ego Orientation in Sport Questionnaire were used. The results from multilevel growth models revealed that burnout perceptions increased for this age group over the three-year period. Furthermore, task orientation was significantly and negatively related to a reduced sense of accomplishment and sport devaluation. The results from this study underline the advantage of considering developmental processes when studying burnout. Furthermore, by focusing on the within-person effect of achievement goals, this study provides findings that support a motivational approach to the longitudinally study of burnout propensity among young student-athletes. The current study suggests that sport school staff should be aware of their student-athletes’ burnout perceptions and that these could change over time. Results also highlights that task-oriented goals might help decrease burnout perceptions, specifically reduced sense of accomplishment and sport devaluation. © 2018 International Society of Sport Psychology

  • Damien Clement
  • Andreas Ivarsson
  • Ulrika Tranaeus
  • Urban Johnson
  • Andreas Stenling

Investigating the influence of intra-individual changes in perceived stress symptoms on injury risk in soccerlänk till annan webbplats
Research has shown that high levels of stress and stress responsivity can increase the risk of injuries. However, most of the research that has supported this notion has focused on between-person relationships, ignoring the relationships at the within-person level. As a result, the objective of this study was to investigate if within-person changes in perceived stress symptoms over a 1-month time period could predict injury rates during the subsequent 3 months. A prospective design with two measurement points (Time 1—at the beginning of the season and Time 2—1 month into the season) was utilized. A total of 121 competitive soccer players (85 males and 36 females; Mage = 18.39, SD = 3.08) from Sweden and the United States completed the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (KPDS) and a demographic sheet at Time 1. The KPDS was also completed at Time 2, and all acute injuries that occurred during the subsequent 3-month period were recorded. A Bayesian latent change scores model was used to determine whether within-person changes in stress symptoms could predict the risk of injury. Results revealed that there was a credible positive effect of changes in stress symptoms on injury rates, indicating that an increase in reported stress symptoms was related to an increased risk for injury. This finding highlights the importance of creating caring and supportive sporting environments and relationships and teaching stress management techniques, especially during the earlier portion of competitive seasons, to possibly reduce the occurrence of injuries. © 2018 John Wiley & Sons A/S.

  • Soma Chhotray
  • Olof Sivertsson
  • Joakim Tell

The Roles of Leadership, Vision, and Empowerment in Born Global Companieslänk till annan webbplats
This article explores the roles of leadership, vision, and empowerment in two Swedish born global companies. Using case studies and interviews with employees and managers, the article examines how managers can lead their companies by creating a vision and empowering their employees. The findings indicate that a company vision should reflect a culture that supports the employees’ daily activities and decisions. A leadership style that features delegation of responsibility and recognition of employee work autonomy empowers employees in a way that can advance the development and internationalization of the born global company, especially in situations when top managers are often away from company headquarters. . © 2017 The Author(s)

  • Cecilia Björkén-Nyberg

Vocalising motherhood : The metaphorical conceptualisation of voice in listener responses to Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Trainlänk till annan webbplats

  • Marco Antonio Marques Marinho

Array Processing Techniques for Direction of Arrival Estimation, Communications, and Localization in Vehicular and Wireless Sensor Networkslänk till annan webbplats
Array signal processing in wireless communication has been a topic of interest in research for over three decades. In the fourth generation (4G) of the wireless communication systems, also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE), multi antenna systems have been adopted according to the Release 9 of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). For the fifth generation (5G) of the wireless communication systems, hundreds of antennas should be incorporated to the devices in a massive multi-user Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) architecture. The presence of multiple antennas provides array gain, diversity gain, spatial gain, and interference reduction. Furthermore, arrays enable spatial filtering and parameter estimation, which can be used to help solve problems that could not previously be addressed from a signal processing perspective. The aim of this thesis is to bridge some gaps between signal processing theory and real world applications. Array processing techniques traditionally assume an ideal array. Therefore, in order to exploit such techniques, a robust set of methods for array interpolation are fundamental and are developed in this work. In this dissertation, novel methods for array interpolation are presented and their performance in real world scenarios is evaluated. Problems in the field of wireless sensor networks and vehicular networks are also addressed from an array signal processing perspective. Signal processing concepts are implemented in the context of a wireless sensor network. These concepts provide a level of synchronization sufficient for distributed multi antenna communication to be applied, resulting in improved lifetime and improved overall network behaviour. Array signal processing methods are proposed to solve the problem of radio based localization in vehicular network scenarios with applications in road safety and pedestrian protection.

  • John Lindgren

Diffusion of systemic innovations in the construction sectorlänk till annan webbplats
The amount of research dealing with innovation has increased dramatically, construction management research included. This thesis focuses on innovations with inter-organizational effects, systemic innovations, which may radically change and improve the construction process. The overall aim of the thesis is to contribute understanding of diffusion of systemic innovations in the construction sector through the study of two different types of systemic innovations, Building Information Management and Multi-Story Housing in Timber (MSHT). It explores what facilitates and hinders innovation diffusion, with a special focus on knowledge integration and mechanisms used in the diffusion process and their effects on knowledge development. The studies conducted were made in a Swedish context related to two separate companies work with diffusing the innovations, using a broad approach with different data collection methods.The research departures in the interplay between the innovation content, context and process through which diffusion take place, displaying differences in how diffusion precedes and is affected. Where organizations are situated in the construction process and their ability to control the diffusion process is influential and diffusion is affected by established traditions and work procedures. For MSHT other structural materials form obstacles, while for BIM it is established work procedures and methods. Environmental pressure drives diffusion of MSHT and both innovations are supported by active clients. Diffusion also requires financial resources depending on the size of investment and associated risks. The cases show advantages with moving activities from projects into a continuous business that delivers to projects, where simplifying implementation is central. Mainly due to complexity, developing in steps enables simplifications and adjustments towards users in a controlled manner. MSHT to a higher degree depends on performing real projects for development and diffusion than BIM, which can be tested to a larger extent before diffusing into the real environment. MSHT in particular show a difference in relation to many traditional models of innovation and innovation diffusion where tests are assumed possible.The research relates to and has emphasized interaction and dynamics in the diffusion process and has provided additional understanding for managing complexity in the diffusion process. Projects are the most crucial knowledge integration mechanism with many underlying mechanisms, since they are a result of the development and show consequences of work performed. The applicability of codified knowledge in combination with more interactionintensive mechanisms has been shown and the introduction of the knowledge type’s domain-specific, procedural and general knowledge, complementing the current use of tacit and explicit knowledge, has provided additional understanding for diffusion and related knowledge flows. There are however differences in how knowledge types develop for the innovations. General knowledge is more influencing for BIM, while MSHT is about developing domain-specific knowledge. MSHT is about learning something new, while for BIM it is about re-learning. Findings show relevance in both using and developing the framework of innovation in organizations by Rogers (2003) for future diffusion studies in construction management research as well as the necessity of developing knowledge concerning implementation.

  • John Lindgren
  • Kristian Widén
  • Stephen Emmitt

Construction projects as mechanisms for knowledge integration : mechanisms and effects when diffusing a systemic innovationlänk till annan webbplats
Purpose - The aim of this research is to study knowledge integration (KI) when diffusing a systemic innovation. The objectives are to understand what mechanisms are used, and when and what their effects are in terms of knowledge development.Design/Methodology/Approach - The method comprised a longitudinal case study which followed a firm’s attempts to develop and diffuse a timber multi-storey building system (the systemic innovation) over a number of projects.Findings - The findings emphasize actual projects as the most crucial activity for KI and when and why soft personalization mechanisms and codified knowledge should be mixed.  Furthermore, it shows how different types of knowledge is built up including construction process effects over a series of projects.Research limitations/implications -  The research contributes with knowledge about mechanisms for the diffusion of a specific systemic innovation type and provides input regarding mechanisms to use. The introduction of the concepts ‘domain-specific’, ‘procedural’ and ‘general knowledge’ into construction has increased understanding of innovation diffusion and knowledge flows and where and how they are integrated.Practical Implications – The research shows how knowledge develops and through which mechanisms, and where problems occur. Construction organisations can learn from this to avoid mistakes and potentially better understand how to manage knowledge to diffuse a systemic innovation.Originality/value - The research provides insight into systemic innovation diffusion over a series of projects and focuses on both projects and the construction process.

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