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Agreements and letters

We have gathered information about DiVA's publishing agreements and proposals for alternative arrangements to help you retain more rights.

Agreement in DiVA

To publish the full text of DiVA, you must accept the publishing agreement. This is done at the time of registering your work online. Briefly, the agreement guarantees that you are the copyright holder and that we undertake to store and make the publication available. Read the entire contract.

Draft letter

If you want to to ask the publisher for permission to self-archive a copy of your publication in fulltext in DiVA you can use our draft letterPDF (pdf, 170.6 kB).

Alternative Contracting

When you publish your article in a magazine, you already in the publication to ensure that you retain some rights, such as the right to publish the article in an open archive.

An example of an addendum that will give you additional rights is the SPARC Author Addendumexternal link.

Creative Commonsexternal link has a number of different licensing agreements to choose from, all of which gives the author greater rights. Licences can be used on all types of publications.

Updated 2009-09-30