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Copyright agreement in DiVA

Copyright Agreement

§ 1 Obligations of the University

The University shall publish and continuously store the Work of the Author in digital form on the website of the University. The university shall with appropriate measures protect the published Work from undue alterations.

§ 2 Rights of the University

The University has the right to transfer, in all or partially, the rights and obligations accorded by the Agreement to a third party.

§ 3 Purpose of publication

Publication shall take place for the university’s research, teaching or Library requirements and not for commercial purposes.

§ 4 Obligations of the Author

The Author shall deliver the Work in electronic form according to the instructions given by the University. The Author warrants that he/she is the copyright holder of the Work and has received appropriate consent to publish pictures and other elements of the Work, to which others have a title. The Author also warrants the right to dispose of the Work for digital publication. The Author has no right to remuneration for the publication under this Agreement.

§ 5 Transfer of the Author’s Rights

Any transfer by the Author of the copyright to the Work shall not affect the rights of the University under the Agreement. This agreement regarding electronic publishing shall not impose any limitations of the Author’s right to make use of the Work.

§ 6 Duration of the Agreement

The Agreement is valid until revoked. The University has the right immediately to revoke the Agreement if the Author is not the holder of the copyright to the Work or lacks necessary permissions according to §4.

§ 7 Force majeure

A Party cannot be held responsible for undue fulfilment of an obligation under the Agreement if the failure is caused by circumstances beyond the Party’s control, impossible to foresee, and the detriment of which it is held unfair to oblige the Party to remove. As soon as such a circumstance no longer prevails, the obligation shall be duly fulfilled.

§ 8 Validity of the agreement

The present agreement shall come into force immediately after acceptance by the Author. 

Updated 2009-09-30