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Help with searching - Simple search

Search using one or several words of your choice. When you write several words after each other they are automatically combined with AND which means that all the words you have used will be in every record on the list. Search for example using the authorʼs name, a word from the title or a keyword.

All - search through all the research publications and student theses in DiVA

Research publications - search through the various kinds of research publications, e.g. articles, theses, books, conferences and reports.

Student theses - search through all student theses: essays and degree projects at the various undergraduate levels.

By choosing Only documents with full text in DiVA you limit your search to those publications that can be downloaded as full text.

Tips for searching

By doing searches that combine words in different ways and using different searching techniques you can expand or limit your search, i.e. get more or fewer hits.

AND or + means that all words must be present
Example: traffic AND route will find all documents that contain both words. You can also search for traffic + route and get the same result.

OR means that at least one of the words must be present
Example: traffic OR driving finds all documents that contain both or any of the words.

NOT or - means that the word that follows must not be present
Example: traffic NOT driving finds all documents that contain traffic but not driving. You can also search for traffic - driving and get the same result.

* replaces none, one or several letters
Example: horse* finds horse, horses, horseshoe etc.
Example: Sund*ist hittar Sundkvist, Sundqvist och Sundquist.

? replaces none or one letter
Example: wom?n finds both woman and women.
Example: Sund??ist finds Sundkvist, Sundqvist och Sundquist.

Phrase searches searches for all the words in the order in which you have written them.
Example: "global warming" finds documents that contain both words in just this order.

Combine several using brackets
Example: (indoor OR school) AND environment finds all documents that contain environment as well as either indoor or school.

You can make use of Advanced search for even more precise searches.

Updated 2009-09-26