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Search books

There are a number of ways for you to search for books. Below we list a few ways to find books as well as electronic books.

The library catalogue


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The National Catalog LIBRIS


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Here we list electronic books that students and staff can access through the Internet, from campus as well as off-campus.

Ebraryexternal link
A collection of electronic books in English that comprises more than 48 000 titles covering most subject areas from several of the major publishers. The database is growing rapidly.

Oxford Reference Onlineexternal link
This database from Oxford University Press consists of more than a hundered reference books covering most subject areas.

Free e-books

Here we list a few free e-book resources.

Google Booksexternal link | About the projectexternal link
Contains books from University of Michigan, Harvard University, Stanford University, The New York Public Library och Oxford University among others.

Hathi Trustexternal link
HathiTrust is a very large-scale collaborative repository of digital content from research libraries including content digitized via the Google Books project and Internet Archive digitization initiatives, as well as content digitized locally by libraries.

Projekt Runebergexternal link
Contains more than 400 000 digitized book pages, primarily from older Nordic literature, published at the beginning of the 20th century.

Project Gutenbergexternal link
Contains more than 25 000 older books published at the beginning of the 20th century and earlier.

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If you can´t find the book or if its out on loan try searching in the municipal library catalog or order an interlibrary loan.

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