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Search options

There are several search options and search interfaces in HULDA.
Enkl sökning i HULDA
  • the simple simple search interfaceexternal link when you want to search with free text.
  • the advanced search interfaceexternal link when you want to make more precise searches. Choose one or more search fields, e.g. title, author or subject headings. The search is then limited to include these parts of the item. You can also use different filters, such as year, document type, language etc. to limit your search further.
  • There is also a subject tree or thesurus, which you can use to get an overview of the literature within a certain subject and navigate hierarchical in a subject structure. Note! The thesaurus is only available in Swedish, but you can use the Google translate feature which we have added at the bottom of the page. We take no responsibility for the translations of subject headings.
Updated 2009-07-10