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Advanced search

Advanced search allows you to target your search to one or several specific fields thus limiting your search from the start. There are several filds to search such as; title, author, subject heading, year language etc. It´s enough to search in one field but you can also be more precise in your search by filling in more fields, such as subject, language and document type. The search will return items containing all of the words entered in the search form.

Free text

Enter the phrase or terms of your choice. All of the terms must be present in the post in order to get a hit. If you write 'Indien Pakistan' the search engine interprets that as both words (Indien AND Pakistan) must be present in the post.
Write any search terms
Search in free text when you want to find as much material as possible within a specific subject area or when you are uncertain about the information describing the item you are trying to find.

For a more precise search you can use another approach. For instance searching on 'Title', 'Author' or 'Subject'. Your search is then limited to only these parts of the post.

To search for items about a specific place or person use the subject field.

Title/words in title

Enter the complete title or some words from the title in any order
Title means all kinds of titles of books, journals, inclusing subtitles, original titles etc. You can also find books which is part of a series by search on the series title.

If you search for a specific kind of titles, for example journal titles, limit your document type to journals under more search options.


Write the persons name, Given name and surname can be enetered in any order. Author refers to personal creators (author, co-authors, illustrators, editors, translators, composers, reviewers etc.) but also institutions, organizations conferences who is responsible for a publication.
Write given name and surname in any order

Subject heading

Note! These are in swedish only. You could try the Google translate feature we have added at the bottom of the page.

Write one or several subject terms. The subject headings in HULDA are generally in swedish (particularly within medicin and technical areas) but english terms do exist.

Subject headings are controlled terms used to describe the contents of book, journal, map etc. Geogrphical terms and personal names as well as names of institutions can exist as a subject heading.

Using a controlled term when searching usually results in a more accurate search result. We use Svenska ämnesordexternal link to describe the content of our literature. Svenska ämnesord contains subject headings within all subjects areas and has been developed by the Royal Library together with other libraries.

Write one or more subject headings


Here you can search on publishers, printers and other publishers as well as publisher location.

Note that the publisher name is often shorten, e.g. Bonnier instead of Albert Bonniers publishing and Cambridge U.P. for Cambridge University Press.


Here you can search on international standardised numbers given to books, ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and regularly publsihed journals and serial  publications, ISSN (International Standard Serial Number). You can serch with or without dash (91-7133-901-9 as well as 9171339019).

Document type

Here you can limit your search to only comprise books or dissertations etc.


Choose to search for publications in a certain language from a pre-defined list.

Publication year

Enter a year to search on this year alone. You can search for greater than > or lesser than < a certain year, or you can search for an interval e.g. 2003...2007.


You can limit your search to only apply to books located in Hallandsrummet or Course Literature.
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