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Programmes and courses at the School of Teacher Education

Teacher Education

The School of Teacher Education offers undergraduate education
characterized by a variety of teaching and examination forms as well as
full integration of teaching practice periods.

We offer the following undergraduate degree programmes:

  • Pre-School Teacher Education (210 credits) study planPDF (pdf, 81.7 kB)
  • Primary Teacher Education – pre-school class and school years 1–3 (240 credits) study planPDF (pdf, 78.9 kB)
  • Primary Teacher Education – school years 4–6 (240 credits) study planPDF (pdf, 80.2 kB)
  • Subject Teacher Education for Secondary School – school years 7–9 (270 credits) study planPDF (pdf, 80.6 kB)
  • Subject Teacher Education for Upper Secondary School (300 credits) study planPDF (pdf, 80.3 kB)

All our undergraduate degree programmes contain the following:

  • Educational science that includes courses relevant to teacher education
  • Specialist subject studies which include Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences, the Humanities (History, Religion) , languages (Swedish, English) and Physical Education and Health
  • Teaching practice that allows the student to participate in the pedagogical work and tasks of a teacher at pre-schools and schools in the community

International Teacher Education Studies 30 credits

The School of Teacher Education offers a one-term course for exchange students: International Teacher Education Studies (30 credits). The course is only open for exchange students (i.e. not free movers).

The course contains the following course modules: 

  • Part one - Educational Systems and the Teacher Profession - a Comparative Perspective, 7.5 credits
    Course syllabus

  • Part two - Practice or Field Studies in Educational Settings, 7.5 credits
    Course syllabus

  • Part three - Project Work in a School Context, 7.5 credits
    Course syllabus

  • Part four - Course of free choice, 7.5 credits

Download the information leaflet about Teacher Education at Halmstad University.

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