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Financing of studies at doctoral level

General information concerning financing and resource management regarding doctoral students

Studies at doctoral level at Halmstad University are normally financed via employment, either at Halmstad University (primarily via a doctoral studentship) or by another employer(external employment). The financing or funding of doctoral studies can also, in exceptional cases, be via scholarships from external financiers or, if student financing can be guaranteed
throughout the entire education period, via a retirement pension. The financing of doctoralstudies by other means is not allowed upon admission to a doctoral education at Halmstad University.

In the cases of funding via scholarships or within the framework of external employment, the financial contribution received by the doctoral student shall correspond to the salary paid to a doctoral student at Halmstad University after tax.

Irrespective of which funding source is used, the University must assess whether there are financial possibilities for admission as well as in agreement with the Higher Education Ordinance, assess that the required funding is guaranteed throughout the entire education period, and that the required supervisory resources and acceptable study conditions are fully
available. In all cases, the undertaken education must be completed within four years in the case of a licentiate degree and eight years in the case of a doctoral degree.

Financing via employment at Halmstad University

Studies at doctoral level at Halmstad University are to be primarily financed via a doctoral studentship. Financing via some other employment position at the University (in addition to a doctoral studentship) may be accepted in cases where the applicant is allowed to work on his/her doctoral education for at least 50% of full-time employment.

Financing via external employment

Financing concerning external employment may be accepted in cases where the applicant´s employer agrees that work concerning the student´s doctoral education accounts for at least 50% of full-time employment. Agreements of financing concerning external employment shall be governed by an agreement between the financing employer and the relevant school.

Scholarship Financing

Funds for doctoral students via scholarships from external financiers is applied with restrictiveness. Scholarship funding is solely to provide funding for studies at doctoral level when the legal criteria for scholarship management are met and the relevant school has insight into the necessary policies and regulations concerning the scholarship and how it is disbursed.

The University will not accept any form of scholarship funding, which includes terms and conditions that may imply that the doctoral student is liable to have to pay back the scholarship.

It is important to note that doctoral students funded via scholarships are not covered by collective agreement benefits such as parental pay, sick pay etc. The doctoral student's situation concerning social benefits depends on citizenship, duration in Sweden etc.

Updated 2018-09-12