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fingrar tangentbord phd hackathon

Smart Environment PhD Hackathon

Smart Environment PhD hackathon is a two days event to bring PhD students from different departments and together, in a collaboratively fashion, build solutions that will make our city a more efficient and intelligent place to live.

This hackathon is organised by Halmstad Research Student Society (HRSS). This is a competition in which multidisciplinary teams of 4 PhD students from different Schools design a solution for a challenge related to ”Smart Environments” A jury conformed by repre- sentatives from the different Schools will choose the best solution. The winner team will receive bonus cheques for buying books.

The teams’ challenge is to raise an interesting research question or design a prototype that can be continued by a master student as the as their final thesis. 

March 24 (Friday) at 18:00

Deadline to register (each person registers indivdually)

March 27 (Monday)


14.30-15.00: Introduction to the challenge, information and time schedule for the 7th of April, divide participants into groups
15.00-15.15: Fika
15.15-16.30: Panel session about “Smart Environments” and multidisciplinary collaboration

Panel: Anita Sant’Anna (ITE), Kristian Widén (ETN) and Jens Nygren (HOV).

Location: HAV floor 22

April 7 (Friday) – Competition day


9.00-12.00: Feedback session of research idea in “Black & White” from Jury (20 min per group) and individual work in groups

Jury: Mikael Alexandersson, Ingela Skärsäter (HOV), Cecilia Björkén-Nyberg (LHS), Magnus Holmén (ETN) and Stefan Byttner (ITE)
12.00-13.00: Lunch at DLC
13.00-15.00: Jury feedback and continuous individual work in groups
15.00: Presentations 1-2 powerpoint slides 5 minutes/group in Storverket
15.30-16.00: Jury makes their decision
16.00: Jury announces the winner

Location: Digital Laboratory Center (DLC), Q building, ground floor

What will transpire during the hackathon?

In addition to working on solving some problems, you will:

  • Meet and hear from seniors, experts, and university professors.
  • Meet many new people with similar interests in smart environment, data analytics, design, etc.
  • Work with experienced mentors from ALMI and Connect.
  • Present to the panel of judges that consists of representatives from Halmstad University.

The members of the winning team in the judges’ choice will receive a credit of 1000 SEK (per members) to order books.

It is a completely free event in which anyone interested in developing solutions is welcomed! All the PhD students can contribute in this hackathon to not only know each other’s skills, but also solve a problem in a team.

Read more about themes, criterias and scores in the competitionPDF (pdf, 40.3 kB)


Register here at latest March 24 at 18:00:

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event as a member of one of the teams. You can also attend the final presentations of the ideas as audience.

Hassan Nemati

Hassan Nemati

João Bentes

João Bentes

HRSS – Halmstad Research Student Society is an autonomous organisation of PhD students with three main objectives:

  • Provide a forum for collaboration among research students as well as with respective deptartment and university,
  • Stimulate social interaction between them, and
  • Offer a platform for collaboration with the student union, in order to maintain PhD student representation in various university boards.
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