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Our Professors

It was an important milestone as a relatively newly established university, when the government in 1997 granted permission for Halmstad University to set up a number of professorships.

The first five professors were appointed in 1999. Over the past ten years some 50 professors have been appointed. Read more about our professors below. Apart from the professors listed here, there are others that the University collaborates with.

Our Professors



Svante Andersson

Business Administration

Gabriel Baffour Awuah


Business Administration, focus on


Magnus Bergquist


Josef Bigun

Signal Analysis

Ann Bremander

Exercise Biomedicine

Marta Cuesta


Mike Danilovic



Industrial Organisation, focus on

Innovation and Technology


Lars-Gunnar Franzén

Chemistry, focus on Biochemistry

Jonas Gabrielsson

Business Administration,

Specialisation in Corporate

Governance with Focus on Entrepreneurial Firms

Ulf Holmberg

Automatic Control Engineering

Magnus Holmén


Innovation Science, focus on

Industrial Organisation

Jonny Hylander


Energy Technology, focus on

Renewable Energy

Jeaneth Johansson

Business Administration,

specialisation Accounting and Financial Assessment

Urban Johnson

Psychology and Sport

Magnus Jonsson

Real-time Computer Systems

Staffan Karlsson


Tony I Larsson

Embedded Systems

Claes Malmberg

Science Education

Mohammad Mousavi

Computer System Engineering

Pernilla Nilsson

Science Education

Tomas Nordström

Computer Engineering

Jens Nygren

Health Innovation

Håkan Pettersson


Physics, focus on Semiconductor


Bengt-Göran Rosén

Mechanical Engineering

Åsa Roxberg


Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson


Computer Science, focus on

Machine Learning

Mikael Sandberg

Political Science

Ingela Skärsäter


Nursing, focus on health and lifestyle

Klaus Solberg Søilen

Business Administration, focus on Marketing

Natalia Stambulova


Psychology, focus on Sports


Petra Svedberg


Veronica Stoehrel

Media and Communication Studies

Göran Svensson


Business Administration, focus on


Walid Mohamed Taha

Computer Science

Magnus Tideman


Disability Studies, focus on Social


Antanas Verikas


Image Processing, focus on Artificial

Neural Network Technology

Alexey Vinel

Computer Communication

Stefan Weisner

Biology and Environmental Science

Sven Werner

Energy Technology

Kristina Ziegert



Our visiting Professors



Mark Andersen

Sports Psychology

Bendik Byggstad


Lars Bååth


Lars Eriksson

Industrial Design

Natasha Gillian Evers

Innovation Science

Siegfried Fleischer


Bernd Hofmaier


Sociology, focus on

Work Science

Anders Jacobsson

Science Education

Holly Jimison


Pro-active Care and Medical

Information Science

Ralph Maddison

Health Innovation

Karen Manly

Innovation Sciences

Eugenio Moggi

Computer Communications

Antony Morgan

Public Health

Chris Nugent

Information Science

Tom O'Dell


Ethnology, focus on

Applied Cultural Analysis

Misha Pavel

Behavioural Informatics

Sarah Pink


Applied Cultural Analysis

Waymond Rodgers


Hans-Peter de Ruiter


Carsten Sörensen


Yan Zhang

Computer Communications


Our adjunct Professors



Stefan Bergman

Health and Lifestyle

Hans Hellsten

Radar Systems

Stefan Nilsson


Jan Tretmans

Computer Sciences


In 2017 three new professors were inaugurated at Halmstad University. Picture: ANDERS ANDERSSON

The title of Professor embodies the highest level of academic expertise and is held by the foremost representatives of an academic discipline. At the same time, a professorship is also a teaching position, representing the research and knowledge field in a particular subject. The work of a professor encompasses the entire academic spectrum including research, supervision of doctoral students, teaching and collaboration with other parts of society, e.g. companies and organisations.

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