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Antanas Verikas

Professor of Image Processing with focus on artificial neural network technology, at the School of Information Technology. Appointed in 2000.

Artificial neural networks give better analysis of colour printing

Neural networks are used in many different areas such as medicine, engineering and technology, economics, business and natural science research. Antanas Verikas has participated in medical projects where tissue has been analysed using artificial neural network approaches but has mainly been involved in research where these networks have been used in image processing. He is part of the PPP research group pursuing research programmes in paper physics and printing technology.

In these initiatives, researchers from Halmstad University and the Lund University Faculty of Engineering cooperate with four paper mills in a number of applied research projects which have resulted not only in scholarly publications but also new methods and instrument prototypes.

Antanas Verikas was born in 1951 in Moletai, Lithuania. He studied electronics at the Kaunas University of Technology and was awarded his PhD in 1981. He was appointed as Associate Professor in 1985 and Professor in 1998.
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