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Bengt-Göran Rosén

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, at the School of Business, Engineering and Science.

A product's function can be determined by the topography of its surface

The topography of a surface is of decisive importance for the properties and qualities of many products. It is frequently the case that surfaces have fundamentally important functional properties eg surface properties provide the basic prerequisites for the product's commercial success. This can for example involve surfaces which dampen the level of noise of the gearbox or increase the durability of a cogwheel. Similarly in a medical context such as in a tooth or hip replacement implant, the material's surface qualities are very important.

Research into functional surfaces in Halmstad is directed towards finding general methods for strengthening the intimate interplay between the function of the surface, its manufacturing possibilities and opportunities to study function and determine manufacturing parameters using various measurement methods.


Bengt-Göran Rosén was born in 1962 in Halmstad. He studied at the Chalmers Institute of Technology where he received his licentiate degree in 1991 and his PhD in 1994 from the Department of Production Engineering.
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