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Bernd Hofmaier

Visiting Professor of Sociology with specialism in Work Science, School of Business and Engineering. Appointed in 2000.

People and working life

During the major phase of company expansion during the 1970s with examples such as Scan Raff and Ringhals or the construction of oil rigs in Norway, construction workers travelled round to various worksites like parties of tourists. Bernd Hofmaier become interested in studying the social lives surrounding these workers. This became the subject of his PhD thesis.

Working life and the position of people in working life are Bernd Hofmaier's central research areas. When Professor Hofmaier came to the Centre for Working Life in 1985, ongoing research initiatives were directed towards working life and influence in the workplace, research and change projects relating to dialogue processes. The question posed was whether it was possible to pursue developmental work in and between companies with the greatest possible participation of employees as possible.

Bernd Hofmaier was born in 1944 in Mariazell, Austria. He came to Sweden in 1962 and received his bachelor's degree from Gothenburg University in 1970. Ten years later, he received his doctorate in Sociology from the same university.
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