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Bertil Svensson

Professor of Computer System Engineering, School of Information Technology, Halmstad University. Appointed in 1998.

Datorsystemteknik Computer System Engineering

Research into computer system engineering requires the combination of several engineering and technological areas. At the highest level, it is necessary to have knowledge of applications as well as algorithms for their solutions. Use is made of programming models and methods for representing algorithms in architecture of various kinds. Architectures can be implemented in various ways, which requires knowledge of methods and theories for digital system construction. At the lowest level there is of course circuit technology which is of decisive importance for what solutions are possible.

Bertil Svensson has in his research attempted to work with all levels at the same time, as a constructor of systems with specialists at each respective level. Demanding applications and algorithms have been obtained from areas such as image analysis, signal processing and self-learning systems. Algorithms have primarily been designed on the basis of regular structures of processors and a number of these new architectures have been constructed as experimental computers.

Bertil Svensson was born in 1948 in Eldsberga in Halland. He was Assistant Professor in Luleå and subsequently Professor at Chalmers before being appointed as Professor in Halmstad in 1998.

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