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Göran Svensson

Professor of Business Administration, specialising in Marketing, at the School of Business, Engineering and Science. Appointed in 2006.

Interplay and participation in the international research community

As Professor of Marketing, international research activities are an important part of Göran Svensson's work. This work takes up above all international editorships, research co-operation, research networks, conference participation and publication. Another important objective is to build up a research group within the framework for the University's work through the pursuit of international and interdisciplinary research. Professor Svensson's current research areas cover various fields including company and business ethics, business logistics, industrial marketing, service marketing, quality management, management, academic publication and research methods.

Göran Svensson was born in Gothenburg in 1961. He obtained his doctorate from Gothenburg University in 2001 with a thesis on vulnerability in logistics channels within the Swedish vehicle industry. He has been associated with Halmstad University since 1997.

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