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Håkan Pettersson

Professor of Physics specialising in Semiconductor Physics, at the School of Information Technology. Appointed in 2003.

Building with atoms

Håkan Pettersson leads a research group involving both established researchers and PhD students who are studying the physical characteristics of semi-conductors with dimensions at the nanometer scale. Semi-conductors are materials which all electronic components such as transistors and integrated circuits are made up of. Semiconductors are consequently at the heart of all modern information technology. By drastically reducing the size of semi-conductor components to the nanometer scale, completely new properties can be realised.

In cooperation with above all the Department for Solid State Physics at Lund University, the research group studies the electrical and optical properties of various types of nanostructures.

Photo: Anders Andersson

Håkan Pettersson was born in Malmö in 1962. Following his Master of Science degree in Applied Physics at Lund University, he studied for a PhD at the Department of Solid State Physics. Following his doctoral defence he worked as a research assistant in the same department. He was employed in 1999 as senior lecturer at Halmstad University.

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