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Ingela Skärsäter

Professor of Nursing with focus on Health and Lifestyle, at the School of Health and Welfare. Appointed in 2012.

Ingela Skärsäter's research area focuses on health, lifestyle and support processes in connection with mental illness, and how education and support can affect people's processes and choices in life upon recovery. Mental illness does not just affect the person diagnosed but also affects social relationships, which in turn can affect the health of both patients and relatives. Ingela Skärsäter's research is conducted at primary, secondary and tertiary level.

Ingela Skärsäter's ongoing research focuses on identifying the importance of social support in persons with depression, formal and informal support contacts of persons with mental illness, and how family and relatives are affected by mental illness.


Ingela Skärsäter was born in 1952 in Ullared in the county of Halland, Sweden. In 1985, she got her degree in Nursing at Halmstad University.

In 2002, she completed her PhD with the thesis ”The importance of social support for men and women suffering from major depression. A descriptive and explorative study”, at Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg.

In 2007, Ingela Skärsäter was appointed senior lecturer at Sahlgrenska Academy and in 2011 she was appointed a professor of Health Sciences with specialisation in nursing.

She has previously worked in Region Halland as a nurse, head of department and healthcare developer.
She is currently in Nursing Science with focus on health and life style at Halmstad University.

Ingela Skärsäter is vice president of Halmstad University's Research and Education Committee, and chairperson of the postgraduate education committee.

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