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Josef Bigun

Professor of Signal Analysis, School of Information Technology. Appointed 1998.

Automatic processing of images and other signals

Josef Bigun works with multi-dimensional signals. He has contributed to the understanding of textures and movement in images and image sequences. This research has resulted in new methods for automatically recognizing fields such as forests in satellite images or automatic recognition of movement in an object observed through a video camera with the benefits of higher quality and smaller quantities of data.

Most recently the focus of his research has been on biometric signal analysis which concerns computers which can use picture and sound information in order to establish the identify of a person. Another area of application of biometric signal analysis is in the human-machine interface which can be made more ‘intelligent', ie the parameters of a car can be automatically adapted to the person driving etc.

Josef Bigun was born in 1961 in the former Armenian province of Tur Abidin (now part of Turkey). He received his licentiate degree in engineering in 1986 and was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Science degree at Linköping University in 1988 with a thesis on local symmetries for image processing.
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