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Lars Bååth

Guest Professor of Photonics at the School of Business, Engineering and Science Appointed in 1998.

From Quasars to steelworks

Lars Bååth's research began in the field of radio astronomy and was directed initially towards the detection and interpretation of interference patterns in complex electromagnetic wave fronts. By interpreting interference patterns formed by radiation at the 3mm wavelength from the quasar 3C 273, the source of emission could be established to a positional accuracy of 50 millionths of an arc second. Using similar methods, the density and relative velocities of CS molecular gas could be established in the Orion Nebula (Messier 42).

More recent research has been devoted to further development of interferometer technology to study, survey and interpret structures, polarisation and changes in electromagnetic wave fields in industrial applications as well as surveying and modelling the media through which these waves traverse.

Lars Bååth was born in Kalmar in 1948. He was appointed Professor at Halmstad University in 1998.

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