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Magnus Tideman

Professor of Disability Studies with specialisation in Social Work, at the School of Health and Welfare. Appointed in 2008.

Living conditions and welfare in a changing world

"I have worked at Halmstad University since 1992. After nearly 10 years as a social worker, head of the municipal drug and alcohol abuse unit and project leader for the incorporation of special schools and care organisation into municipal operations, I began as project secretary for the former Wigfors Institute at the University. Teaching, research and developmental work proved to be attractive and in 1995 I started working towards my PhD in Gothenburg."

13 years later, Magnus Tideman was been appointed as professor. His research takes up how changes in the welfare state affect living conditions for children and adults with disabilities. In particular the focus has been on young adults with intellectual disabilities and their struggles to exert increased influence over their situation and to participate more fully in society. Another area is special needs research into various aspects of normality and deviance in school.

Multi-disciplinary approaches for sustainable knowledge
As Professor, Magnus Tideman seeks to stimulate multi-disciplinary initiatives and to strive for a clear focus on disability studies within the profile adopted by the University.

"Handicaps are a major question both for individuals with disabilities and for society as a whole and there are many important perspectives on disabilities and handicaps: biological, genetic, psychological, social etc. In order to obtain an holistic picture you need to work over traditional academic disciplinary boundaries. There are quite a few of us at the University working with these questions in various ways and I think this is a very good thing. It can provide several dimensions, including subtle nuances and a more in-depth, sustainable knowledge" remarks Professor Tideman.

Magnus Tideman was born in 1959 in Helsingborg. He graduated from the School of Social Work at Lund University in 1982. Magnus Tideman worked as Social Secretary, Director and Project Manager within the public sector from 1983 to 1992. He completed his PhD at the University of Gothenburg in 2000; senior lecturer in social work 2006. Professor of Disability Studies at Halmstad University since 2008.

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