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Natalia Stambulova

Professor of Psychology – specialising in Sports Psychology, at the School of Health and Welfare. Appointed in 2002.

Psychological aspects of sporting careers

Natalia Stambulova's research into the psychological aspects of elite sportmen's and women's careers can be seen as pioneering and is often cited by other researchers. She has worked with an holistic perspective on careers in sports – from the early start phase up to the performance peak right through to the end of the career and has studied the system of psychological backup and support which sportsmen or women receive at various career stages.

More recent studies which Natalia Stambulova has initiated take up the social influences on a sporting careers and how they vary during the course of the career as well as the metaphors which can be used with the individual assessment of a sportsman's / woman's prerequisites before, during and after their best and worst competitions.

Natalia Stambulova was born in 1952 in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2002, Natalia Stambulova was appointed as Professor of Psychology at Halmstad University.

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