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Siegfried Fleischer

Visiting Professor of Limnology, School of Business and Technology. Previously Adjunct Professor at Halmstad University, 2002–2008.

The importance of wetlands for our environment

Siegfried Fleischer's research covers the length and breadth of the limnological field but with a particular focus on chemical and microbial specialisms. Various separation techniques such as paper and gas chromatography as well as the use of radioactive isotopes have been important tools in the laboratory where the degradation of organic material and phosphorus exchange in sedimentary surfaces has been studied in lake and wetland environments.

Siegfried Fleischer's research during the 1990s has included the important greenhouse gases of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.  In order to obtain a complete picture, investigations have also included land-based environments.

Siegfried Fleischer was born in Helsinki in 1938. He has worked as a lecturer and researcher in areas such as limnology and environmental science but his principal workplace since 1971 has been the County Administrative Board, County of Halland.
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