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Stefan Weisner

Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at the School of Business, Engineering and Science, Halmstad University. Appointed in 2002.

Biology and Environmental Innovations

Stefan Weisner's research interests are oriented towards finding sustainable solutions to environmental issues by developing environmental innovations based on ecological knowledge. His research involves improved understanding of ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry of shallow freshwater ecosystems. Recent research has focused on interactions between biodiversity and functioning of ecosystems, environmental and ecological effects of large-scale wetland creation in agricultural landscapes, and pollutant removal in constructed wetlands. He has been involved in developing design of constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment, and wetland management for nature conservation, in the Netherlands, Brazil, China and Sweden. 

Studying plants for restoration of ecological systems

Stefan Weisner received a PhD in limnology at Lund University in 1990. His early research was directed towards ecophysiological limitations and adaptations in higher plants in aquatic environments. The purpose was to understand regulating mechanisms in order to make use of this knowledge in the restoration of ecological systems as well as the establishment of environmental management plans and other environmental measures.

Sustainable water resources management and ecosystem services

Stefan Weisner's future studies will include applied research on the boundary between biology and environmental science, involving social and economic sciences. A current research area is sustainable water resources management. This research area takes up questions relating to how we can obtain ecosystem services (societal benefits) from wetlands, such as improved quality of life, pollutant removal, decreased flooding, carbon sequestration, production of biomass for energy and/or material purposes, as well as increased biological diversity.

Stefan Weisner was born in the region of Medelpad in 1954 but grew up on the east coast of Skåne. His association with Halmstad University began in 1997 as a university lecturer while at the same time pursuing research in Lund. In 1998 he was appointed as Associate Professor of Limnology at Lund University. Professor in Biology and Environmental Science at Halmstad University since 2002.

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