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Tony I Larsson

Professor of Embedded Systems at the School of Information Technology, Halmstad University. Appointed in 2003.

Embedded systems – collaborative ventures for increased system benefit.

Embedded systems are included in many products which are part of our everyday life: in cars, TV sets, washing machines, mobile phones, toys, games and other things. Embedded systems also contribute to a more sustainable growth and a better environment as they facilitate improved cleaning and efficiency through the generation, distribution and consumption of energy and in the majority of manufacturing processes.

In many ways embedded systems are also interesting from the perspective of research in economics and business. The costs of computers and their accompanying software are often very low compared with values which can be created by the surface, overarching system level. In other cases it can be very difficult to sell a product without the innovative functions and improved characteristics which the use of embedded systems makes possible.

Tony I Larsson was born in Norrköping 1950. In 1989 he defended his thesis within the area of formal methods for the specification and verification of electronics hardware. In 1991, Tony I Larsson began working for Ericsson Mobile Systems in Linköping.

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