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Double Degree requirements and regulations

For students participating in the Double Degree Programme

To participate in the programme the interested students must:

  • Be regularly enrolled in one of the programmes of the present agreement (Program of Third-level of education in Innovation Sciences, Halmstad University, Sweden; OR Post-graduation stricto-sensu in Business Management, Regional University of Blumenau, Brazil).
  • Have a research project approved by his/her advisor in the origin Institution.
  • Have the research project approved by the receiving Institution, with designation of co-advisor.

To receive the double degree the students must:

  • Spend the preparation time of the dissertation/thesis between the two institutions, by alternating periods in each of the two countries. The total period of stay in one of the two countries shall not be less than 6 months.
  • Defend the dissertation / thesis in the home institution, according to its regulations.
  • Present both, oral examination and final dissertation / thesis in English.

Students receive the title in accordance with the:

  • Level(s) that the course of each institution is legally accredited in its country; and
  • plan of studies and expected results previously agreed by both programs; and
  • candidate’s achievement to the requirements of the institution that is granting the certificate/diploma.

Students at Halmstad University main entrance. Picture: Jesper Molin

Updated 2017-05-17