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"Innovate your Business Model"

Interview with research leader Professor Mike Danilovic

Prof. Mike Danilovic

Can you tell more about your research and education in Innovations Sciences?
Within Innovation Sciences we conceptualize innovation as a process that leads to something new; a new product, service, form of organisation, new ways to reach market, or new social or societal solutions.

We have seen that the process for creating innovation needs a vehicle. We call that vehicle “Business Model”; the way value is understood, created, delivered and captured. Our research focus is on how business models address customer needs and wants and at the same time embed sustainable elements such as environmental, social and economic.

What is Business Model Innovation?
Almost every time when an innovation occurs it is related to an innovative business model. Business Model Innovation refers to changes within the components of existing business model and interrelationships between those, as well as the emerging process of designing a new business model for a start-up. We see that companies to a large extend focus on technology and products/service innovation while the innovation of the business model attracts less attention. Research tells us that it should be the other way around!

What is the focus and contribution of your work
Our research is based on extensive collaboration with industry as a base of our empirical ground to develop understanding of contemporary industry challenges. Through our exploratory and participatory research approach we can support businesses in their ambition to create innovation. Through intensive collaboration we design new business models that help businesses to perform better. Based on good understanding of business life we can develop better theories of business models.

What do you hope to be the ultimate impact of your work?
We want the businesses to understand the importance of business model perspective as the heart of business as it has great impact on all activities; from customer interaction to design of corporate network and integrated processes for value creation and finally, value capturing. We belive that this innovative approach has positive outcome in terms of profits as well as addressing social and environmental challenges.

Business model innovation - shaping business opportunities and sustainable growth for tomorrow
Our research has three focus; One is on renewable energy, i.e. development of new business models for managing maintenance services in the wind energy industry. Another is directed towards designing scalable business models for start-ups in incubators and Science parks. And one is the collaboration with Chinese businesses in order to learn how the specific Chinese context influences and shapes conditions for innovation and business model innovation.

Our approach to business model innovation is like going for an expedition! You cannot do it on your own. You have to collaborate with customers, users, suppliers and partners. The path in business model innovation is experimentation, you need to make many rapid prototypes and try them out to see which works the best and then be prepared to revise your business models to keep in line with what your customers demand and expect from you. Otherwise your competitors will!

Our competence is based on years of research in the area of innovation sciences and business model innovation. We collaborate with businesses of different size, in different industrial and international contexts.

We have been a process enabler for the development of an integrated and interactive business model innovation to the fifth largest company in the world!

We have doctoral students that together with us create real life data, that charts the frontiers of our theoretical and empirical knowledge.

This knowledge creates value not only from academic point of view but also from industrial point of view, contributing to sustainable growth.”

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