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Business Model Innovation in Wind Energy Industry (BMI Wind)

The overall objective of the project is to increase the understanding through the exploration of existing business models, and to develop and implement innovative business models in the context of maintenance services for the wind power industry in a collaborative industrial setting taking an owners perspective. The practical aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the involved industrial actors through the implementation of new business models, in order to ensure high availability of the wind farm systems to produce power with low disturbances through optimal maintenance services.

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China Research and Education

The overall objective of the research part in this project is to explore business model innovation in the Chinese context. Our ongoing research at the Center for Innovation Studies at Shanghai Dianji University in Shanghai is aiming to capture innovation and business model innovation of Chinese business life on a national and international level as well as the key factors for success.

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Connect2Express (C2E)

The overall objective for the E2C project and the research consortium is to develop, test and deploy a web service, which stimulates and facilitates personal storytelling, and enable interest-based connections and communication among elderly people and thereby empower them and enrich their life.

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Green Innovation

The research area Green Innovation focuses on societal challenges locally, regionally and internationally through collaboration with different academic disciplines and community organizations.

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ISS Facility Management

The overall objective of the project was to develop an integrated and interactive business model for service management for one of the largest companies in the world and one of the ISS Facility Management sector in nuclear industry in Scandinavia. The developed business model was specially designed for ISS and is under implementation in their operations in Scandinavia.

Acceptance of Formal NPD Processes

Heinz Nixdorf Institut (Universität Paderborn) and CTIM2 (Halmstad University) collaborate in a project with the purpose of identifying practices for acceptance of formal new product development processes.

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The adoption and diffusion of eco-innovations.

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Halmstad School of Innovation

Halmstad School of Innovation is a business custom product and skills development program that focuses on both the company and the key people within the company.

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Managerial Behavior and Small Firm Performance

Different explanatory approaches have been adopted in the search for an answer to the question about why some firms perform better than others.

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Project Portfolio Management

Forming the future way of integrating operational and strategic skills with performance.

This research project is a collaboration between Halmstad University and Region Halland. It aims to give a better understanding of how management of a portfolio of projects is established and what effects it will have on overall performance. The project uses DSM methodology as a way of dealing with the complexity of the vast amount of dependencies that need to be taken into account.

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Strategic Human Resource Management for Increased Entrepreneurship and Innovation Performance

Expansion, mainly driven by acquisition of international firms and establishment of subsidiaries in other countries (organic growth), may cause that organizational climate and values that once characterized the company will change/deteriorate.

The word ’innovation’ comes from the Latin innovatus meaning “to renew and to change”, something “new”.


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