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Acceptance of Formal NPD Processes

Heinz Nixdorf Institut (Universität Paderborn) and CTIM2 (Halmstad University) collaborate in a project with the purpose of identifying practices for acceptance of formal new product development processes.

Taking an organic, Wikimanagement perspective on NPD, this research aims to identify various organizational-level factors influencing the acceptance and enactment of formal new product development (NPD) processes. A multilingual questionnaire will be made available through an online survey tool to about 3,000 non-managers, managers and senior managers working in NPD at the world´s fifteen biggest manufacturers of commercial vehicles.

The study will contribute to a detailed understanding of the determinants of the acceptance and enactment of formal NPD processes, which may lead to foster performance in NPD. The study will also give concrete directions for implementing a continuous improvement of formal NPD processes.

Updated 2014-12-18