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Symbiotic Business Model

Years of research have helped us to understand the necessity to put business elements in an integrated way that reflects the holistic and dynamic nature of key success factors for the business, makes sense to business people, and ultimately results in sustainable growth.

Our extended business model innovation approach is building on the existing models (e.g. canvas) but moving beyond those more inward focused approaches that have dominated the area of business models so far. We call our approach open, interactive and integrated business model symbiotic business model emphasizing the dynamics between customers and users, suppliers and external actors on the political, institutional and regulatory levels.

The symbiosis between sustainability aspects such as social, environmental and economic is the cornerstone in the symbiotic business model. Social skills and emotional competence, networks and guanxi are seen as the glue in and between elements of the symbiotic business model.

To successfully manage business model innovation it is crucial to design an interactive and integrated process together with present and potential customers, users, suppliers and other relevant actors.

The more open the process, the more exiting ideas could be identified. The use of open innovation approaches and tools such as Web 3.0 technology can support companies in this process. As a process enabler our group can support this interactive and integrated processes leading to identification of customer experiences, expectations and expected values, and the design of the core value creation, delivery and capture that exceeds customer expectations.

Modell Bild

The aim of this research program is to develop better understanding of how the business model innovation process in both start-ups and already established enterprises
with a special focus on industries with global growth potential. In the initiating phase we focus on industries that contribute to sustainable development.

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