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Participants in the research environment CIEL has been a visiting scholar at universities abroad including Cambridge, SPRU Sussex, Sunshine Coast University, Australia, etc. University.

Researchers at CIEL also participates in several scientific networks (Dynamics of Markets and Institutions in Europe (DIME), IMIT, Forum for Small Business Research FSF, etc. networks) and are involved as experts including EU, Ministry of Industry, Invest in Sweden Agency (ISA), etc. organizations.

Through collaboration with research centers like RIDE (CTH) and CIRCLE (Lund University) and Dahmén Institute, the researchers access to research networks in innovation research.

CIELs researchers regularly participate in meetings with researchers at the Nordic level in front of all regional development issues.

Bernd Hofmaier is also part of Beirat Institut für Technik und Bildung (ITB), Universität Bremen.

Interaction with Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia, has led to two joint studies and collaborative projects in teaching. In addition, ongoing collaboration with the Universidad de Cauca, Colombia, and a study of knowledge transfer in product development projects in the food industry is planned.

Updated 2012-02-27