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CIEL seminars autumn 2017

Innovation, organizational change and industrial transformation

During the autumn semester CIEL offer a series of seminars between 8.45 to 9.45 in O339B. Each seminar deals with a particular theme which we critically scrutinize by discussing and analyzing one to three in-advance readings. For your convenience, the papers will be distributed prior to the seminars. All seminars are held in English.

Industry interaction and the quality of management research

24 October

Harty, C. and Leiringer, R. (2017) The futures of construction management research, Construction Management and Economics, 35 (7), 392-403

Perkmann, King, Pavelin (2011) Engaging Excellence? Effects of faculty quality on university engagement with industry, Research Policy, 40, 539-552

Business models, complexity and organizing

31 October

Fjeldstadt, O. D., Snow, C. C., Miles, R. E. and Lettle, C (2012) The architecture of collaboration, Strategic Management Journal, 33, 734-750

Snihur and Tarzijan (forthcoming), Managing complexity in a multi-business-model organization, Long Range Planning

Ecosystem research: constructs, metaphors and analogies

7 November

Adner (2017) Ecosystem as Structure: An Actionable Construct for Strategy, Journal of Management, Vol. 43 (1)

Oh, D., Phillips, F., Park, S., Lee, E. (2016). Innovation ecosystems: A critical examination, Technovation, Vol. 54: 1-6

Ritala, P., Almpanopoulou, A. (2017). In defense of ‘eco’ in innovation ecosystem, Technovation, Vol. 60–61: 39-42

Ambidexterity and business model innovation

5 December

Markides, C. (2013) Business model innovation: What can the ambidexterity literature teach us? Academy of Management Perspectives, 27 (4), 313-323

Raisch, S. and Birkinshaw. J. (2008), Organizational ambidexterity: Antecedents, Outcomes and Moderators, Journal of Management, 34 (3), 375-409

Regional innovation systems

19 December

Asheim, B. T. and Isaksen, A. (2002) Regional innovation systems: the integration of local 'sticky'and global 'ubiquitous' knowledge, The Journal of Technology Transfer

Doloreux, D. and Parto, S. (2005) Regional innovation systems: Current discourse and unresolved issues, Technology in society, 2005

On the seminar series

The aim of the seminar series is to strengthen the theoretical debate and common ground among CIEL's researchers. The seminar series cover various conceptual and theoretical issues around business development, innovation management, innovation processes and transformation. All interested parties are welcome.

On the importance of regular seminar attendance

Please note that regular seminar attendance is expected of current and prospective PhD students and for senior faculty. Only by regularly and actively participating will you be able learn the tools of the academic trade, and – just as importantly – contribute to the learning of your colleague. This rule should know of no exceptions; this seminar series is one outlet for learning and contributing to others.

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