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Business Simulation and Training on a Strategic Level

Simbiz is an interactive simulation that is designed to develop leadership and business skills and to provide participants with an in-depth understanding what it is that creates a good business result.  

The simulation is designed as a Role Playing Game where participators are made members of a management team leading a fictional company operating on a competitive market. The tasks of the management team are to analyze and understand the company and its environment, develop a business plan, and to take both strategic and operational decisions that will lead the company to its short and long term goals. To succeed in the simulation, the top management team will need to deal with all aspects of leadership as well as develop a business that takes in to account both the market and the internal affairs of the firm.

A simulation is made up of a number of predetermined steps

  • Introduction and repetition of key concepts relevant to the simulation
  • Staffing and organizing the management teams
  • Start of simulation
  • The management teams analyze the conditions for the company
  • A strategic business plan is developed
  • Decisions are taken that is in line with the business plan
  • The management team acquire the mandate to simulate a year of activity
  • The management team analyze the results from the simulation and updates the business plan
  • New decisions are taken (from here the two steps above are repeated until the simulation comes to an end)
  • Simulation results are calculated and experiences summarized
  • Reflection and feedback on the simulation result

The simulation can be combined with theoretical study-blocks. The Role Playing Game propels the simulation and, hence, is the main vehicle for the learning in the simulation. The Simbiz simulation supervisors adjust the challenge according to the situation and the ability of each Management Team.


The Simbiz system is a proven concept that has been used to educate and train management teams and leaders on different levels in many different types of organizations.

More than 40 000 persons have been trained and experiences show that the general advantages of the simulation are that it provides participants with:

  • a comprehensive and overall understanding of what a company is all about
  • an understanding of the “whole deal" - from A to Z on a competitive market
  • an understanding of one´s own function and contribution to the business
  • an understanding of the various components that add up to a successful implementation of strategies
  • an understanding of the overall goals in terms of key financial numbers
  • developed business skill regardless of the role of the participant
  • an opportunity to develop leadership abilities aiming at achieving results through others
  • a team-building opportunity (groups/teams practicing and working together brings them closer to each other)
Some specific advantages with the simulation are that it:
  • is realistic
  • is rapid in providing continuous feedback
  • incorporates many factors within a complex context
  • is held in an efficient educational environment
  • is a fun experience for the participants
Immediate and visible effects on the business:
  • increased motivation to do more and to do it right
  • improved competence regarding one´s own business and its economy
  • price and maintain prices
  • a more efficient use of resources
  • basic data for the dimensioning of recourses
  • a more exact risk assessment
  • better decisions through outcome analysis
  • possibilities to discover weaknesses in the business model
  • possibilities to discover weaknesses in the strategies
No one would dream of allowing a pilot to fly a jumbo jet without first having trained in a simulator. Similarly, management team members and employees need be trained in a simulated business environment before being cast out into an acute situation.
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