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Health Tech Nordic
– International Scaling of Nordic Startups

Shortening the Time to, and Accelerating the Speed of International Expansion

International entrepreneurship research suggests that time, temporality and speed are central determinant of the sustained performance of the firm. Currently we are witnessing a development where various temporal constructs are developed to advance our understanding of the antecedents to, and consequences of a short time elapsed between the inception of the firm and its first international sales as well as its continued speed of internationalisation.

In this panel we welcome representatives from HealthTech Nordic aiming to shortening international start up processes as well as accelerating the internationalisation speed of start-ups in the health tech industry. Of particular interest to the McGill community is that the start-ups supported by HealthTech Nordic are forerunners of a digitalized health tech industry. Thus, most of these firms are creating international opportunities.

Representatives of HealthTech Nordic are eager to engage in discussions with the McGill community and they will share experiences regarding challenges met in the start-up and international expansion process of their partners.

Health Tech Nordic – Aiming to accelerate the international scaling of nordic startups

HealthTech Nordic accelerates the growth of startups and unite pioneers in the field of HealthTech. HTN is here to connect the dots between innovative solutions, health care and a global market. Together, we advance ideas and unite resources to address worldwide healthcare needs while we drive regional development and job creation.

The project is partially financed by Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, European Regional Development Fund. The aim is to help 100 startups within HealthTech to grow and to create 700 new jobs. 20 startups are expected to become international fast-growers and 5 international companies are expected to establish in the region.

Main partners are: Sahlgrenska Science Park (Swe), Cobis (DK), Innovation Skåne (Swe), SMILE incubator (Swe), Norway Health Tech (No), Invest in Skåne (Swe).

Mikael Hilmersson serve as associate professor at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. His research has been published in journals such as Journal of International Marketing, International Business Review, Management International Review and International Small Business Journal. Mikael serve as senior editor for International Journal of Emerging Markets and he serves at the editorial review board for Journal of International Marketing, European Journal of International Management and International Journal of Multinational Corporation Strategy. Mikael serves as on-going evaluator and advisor for the Swedish agency for growth and regional development.

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