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Logistics at the conference

Here you will find information about how to get to and from the various activities that occur in connection with the conference. HMS, Halmstad Castle and Tylösand gala dinner.

HMS and Halmstad Castle

HMS is located at Stationsgatan 37 near the train station.
Halmstad Castle (Halmstad slott) is located at Aschebergsgatan 1, right by the river Nissan.

Walking from HMS to the Castle takes about 15 to 20 minutes. (See google maps below).

The gala dinner in Tylösand

At the gala dinner in Tylösand, a leased bus will stop at three places in Halmstad city; Grand Hotel at 18.45, Scandic Hallandia at 18.50 and Klostergatan (Lilla Torg), close to Hotel Mårtensson at 18.55

It´s important that you are there at that time. The bus can´t wait due to the dinner starts at 19.30.

The leased bus will pick up guests at Tylösand's hotel at 23.15 and 00.15. The bus runs from Tylösand and will drop guests off at Grand Hotel, Scandic Hotel and Hotel Mårtensson on the way back. (See google map below).

Leased buss from Tylösand at 23.15 and 00.15:

Local bus from Tylösand

The local bus, number 30, takes you from Tylösand to Halmstad city. Please note that the last bus from Tylösand departs at 00.05.

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