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Halmstad School of Innovation

Halmstad School of Innovation is a business custom product and skills development program that focuses on both the company and the key people within the company.

The aim is to develop each participating company's innovation capability through a "development package" containing two integrated projects:    

  • a skills development project, to strengthen innovation conductivity of one or more key employees of the company     
  • an innovation project, the development of new products and services within the company.

While the key people are different training modules such as innovation management, commercialization of innovation, business development and internationalization, they run in collaboration with the University and its partner, an innovative project where a new or improved product, service, process or business model to be developed.

The result of this product and skills development programs are more innovations, increased ability to commercialize innovations in global markets and increased ability to be strategic leaders in the future innovation projects. The integrated approach will lead to lasting development and research contacts between the company, on the one hand, and the University and its partners on the other side.


Expertise areas

Expertise areas and graduate rights / master rights training for Halmstad University are:

  • Information technology, especially in embedded and intelligent systems, with applications in areas such as health technology, intelligent transport, energy and environment (EIS)
  • Innovation Science, in particular innovation management, commercialization of innovation, business development, internationalization and digital innovation (CIEL)
  • Health and Caring Sciences, an area with great potential for important innovations, where the emphasis is on the commercialization of innovations (CVHI)

Halmstad University's partners in the project provides additional expertise:

  • International School of Business Administration and Business Law
  • Imego in micro-and nanotechnology-based sensor systems
  • Swerea IVF in product, process and production
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