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Biogas 2020

Biogas is an important renewable fuel. This project addresses a number of topics important for the positive development of biogas production and use.

An important factor for both profitability and public benefits in the biogas sector is the development of new business models. We study which of the success factors are necessary, and the tools that can be used to develop innovative business models. We draw our case studies from agricultural collaborations aimed at developing biogas clusters.

Karlsson, N, Halila, F., Mattsson, M., Hoveskog,M., 2017. Success factors for agricultural biogas production in Sweden: A case study of business model innovation. Journal of Cleaner Production, 142 (4), 2925-2934.

The project

Biogas2020 is a project within the EU-programme Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak. The project members are a consortium of universities and colleges, businesses, and public bodies drawn from countries bordering the seas to the west of Sweden. Halmstad University is one of thirty partners from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Biogas has an important role in increasing the proportion of renewable energy used in the transport sector. Nevertheless, the existing market is relatively small. The aim of the project is therefore to promote positive developments in both the production and use of biogas.

Our starting point is the role of biogas in the economy, but Halmstad’s responsibility within the project is largely to represent the interests of the county of Halland in the biogas sector.

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