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Valuation of cultural ecosystem services based on contributions to quality of life

Ecosystems contribute to human welfare and well-being through a range of services. The ecosystem services that directly provide people who visit environments with biological life with positive experience are known as cultural. These services are mostly intangible and therefore difficult to evaluate. The aim of the project is, based on people's experiences, to describe cultural ecosystem services, and to show how they can be measured in terms of contribution to quality of life. The study will take place in peri-urban wetland areas. Non- cultural ecosystem services (e.g. nutrient removal and attenuation of storm flows) and ecosystem biodiversity will be linked to physical elements in the studied areas, which in turn will be related to people's experiences. A tool for evaluation of cultural ecosystem services will be developed in dialogue with experts and nature administrators. The project is funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and conducted in collaboration between Environmental Psychology at Lund University and  the Wetland Research Centre at Halmstad University.

Updated 2018-02-22