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Fiction and Empathy within the Professions

The following three projects are part of the action-based and applied humanities research being conducted within the group Studies of Languages, Democratic and Cultural Processes within the larger research environment CLKSexternal link (Centre for Learning, Culture and Society).

How can we develop a model for better inclusion at the public library? A new model for integration in reading circles at the libraries in Halland county (Oct. 2016–Oct. 2017)

This project arose as a direct result of the study on the promotion of literacy in Halland (see below). The project is being conducted in cooperation with the Regional Libraries in Halland and its purpose is to build a regional network for strategizing improved inclusion in reading circles. The project is action-based as it aims to study how an inclusionary network can be formed and work in order to provide a model for working strategically in the recruitment to reading circles and in relation to the approaches used in the guided reading. The goal is for the model to improve the effectiveness in recruiting a broad spectrum of Swedes in relation to ethnicities and immigrants. Can a model be created that meets the language demands of an ethnically diverse group with varying language and social networking needs? Is it possible to strategize how a reading circle can contribute to lowering prejudice?

The project is being financed by Halmstad University and Region Hallandexternal link.

If you are interested in being part of the network or have questions about the project contact us.

Anna Fåhraeus
Jonas Asklund
Maria Ehrenberg

An observational study on Promoting Literacy in Halland County, 2016.

This project is a preliminary applied research and observation-based study on an initiative by the Regional Library Department for a new professional development program on promoting literacy for city officials, school representatives, librarians, authors and adult education specialists in Halland. The aim of the observational study is to evaluate a new professional development program being offered by Region Halland in 2016, and to assess the impact of the incorporation of recent research on fiction and empathy as part of this program. The evaluation of the program will be results oriented and seek to develop the program which will continue until 2020.

The study is being conducted with the Regional Libraries in Halland.external link

This project is being financed by Halmstad University, SCACA (The Swedish Center for Applied Cultural Analysisexternal link), and Region Hallandexternal link.

If you are interested in being part of the network or have questions about the project contact us.

Anna Fåhraeus
Jonas Asklund
Maria Ehrenberg

Advancing the quality of fiction-related empathy intervention training in the nursing program (fall 2014-fall 2016).

This project investigates whether using a narrative model of empathy as a basis for talking about fiction can ensure a better meta-cognitive understanding of what empathy is and how it works as a dynamic process among nursing students. If empathy as a dynamic process can be treated more systematically (that is with a common vocabulary), this could contribute to increasing the quality of professional reflective assessment on patient care and potentially increase self-awareness in relation to defining some of the causes of empathy fatigue. This would also advance the current strategies for using fiction in empathy intervention training within nursing programs. The project is a collaboration between literary specialists and nursing care teachers and researchers.

Researchers and teachers in the project:
Jonas Asklund (LHS)
Catrine Brödje (LHS)
Anna Fåhraeus (LHS)
Kristina Hildebrand (LHS)
Jeanette Källstrand-Eriksson (HOV)
Jörgen Öijervall (HOV).

If you want to know more about this project, contact the project manager, Anna Fåhraeus at LHS.

Anna Fåhraeus

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