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Cardiac care and rehabilitation

The research group within Cardiac Care and Rehabilitation (CCR) consists of 13 nurse researchers of which six are seniors. The research group has existed for over 10 years and is well renowned in Europe.

Around 80 scientific articles, 50 scientific lectures as well as seven postgraduate papers have been produced. The studies have resulted in improvements within clinical care for heart disease and the production of new guidelines. The researchers in Halland are based partly at Halmstad University and partly within Halland County Council. Other researches in the research group are based in Gothenburg, Jönköping, Linköping, Lund and Stockholm together with international subdivisions in Scandinavia, Greece, Holland, Great Britain and USA. The research area is cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation, in other words preventative and rehabilitative heart healthcare with focus on people who are healthy or who have suffered from a heart attack, heart failure and/or heart-lung saving or who have been treated with a pacemaker or an operatively inserted defibrillator. Vital factors that are studied include behaviour, health education, health-related quality of life, social network and social support, coping and managing stress. Apart from research, CCR undertakes tasks involving education such as masters´ courses within Cardiac Care and rehabilitation and development and judgement in Sweden as well as in Europe. The group also contributes to the work with the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.  

Updated 2018-02-27