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Group for Research on Sports, Health and Physical Activity (IHF Group)

IHF is one of the three research groups belonging to CVHI. IHF consists of about 30 researchers/teachers working at Halmstad University. In addition, there are a number of associated members (around 20) representing, for example, Halland Sport Association, Halmstad Municipality, Region Halland and the Development and Special Education School Authority.

The aim of the IHF-group is to promote and develop research in the areas of Sport, Health and Physical Activity.

  • More specifically, objectives for the IHF-group are:
  • To promote (e.g., through publications and conference presentations) the IHF research group and the projects conducted in the group
  • To create in IHF a critical mass of senior and developing researchers to maintain and further increase a quality of research applications/projects
  • To strengthen the profile of Halmstad University
  • To expand national and international IHF network

IHF coordinators:

  • Dr. Lars Kristén, Ph D Educational Sciences, Head of Physical Education
  • Doctorate Alina Frank, MA Sportpsychology

The coordinators are responsible for organizing IHF join activities and collecting/distributing research relevant information within IHF.

Major Research Areas at IHF

Sports: psychological aspects of injury prevention/rehabilitation, athletes´ career/talent development, transitions, and crises, and also supervision of applied sport psychology students.
Health: exercise and health, oral health, nutrition and health, obesity and its prevention, and rehabilitation of young hospital patients with a help of hospital clowns.
Development: youth sports, parental involvement, adapted physical activity and health. 
Physiology and Biomechanics: sport physiology, sport biomechanics, and health.

Network and collaboration partners

IHF members actively collaborate with relevant institutions and researchers in Sweden, for example, in Malmö, Gävle, Örebro, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. It is rather unique that IHF collaborates with SvFF (Swedish Football Association), and also Swedish Network of Adapted Physical Activity (SNAFA).
International collaborators include colleagues from USA, Denmark, Belgium, and Latvia. IHF researchers are members of several international networks, such as European Master's Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology (EMSSEP), Forum of Applied Sport Psychologists (FAST), European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP), Nordic Network on Adapted Physical Activity (NANAFA), International Society for Humor Studies (ISHS), and International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP).  

Lars Kristén PhD Educational Science

Updated 2018-02-27