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Digital innovations for self-determined motivation for exercise

The collaborative project, GODIS, aims to develop a digital tool for promoting sustainable motivation for physical activity.

The GODIS project is a research collaboration between different research groups at Halmstad University and four involved companies (Tappa Service AB, Hälsoprofilinistitutet HPI AB, Kairos Future AB, Telia Sonera AB). The project is lead by Karin Weman-Josefsson (CVHI) and uses Self-Determination Theory as a theoretical framework and design input for a future e-health application which aims to motivate and support people to be more physically active. By actively designing, implementing and studying the use of e-health solutions, the project aim to explore different physiological factors influencing motivation over time. Furthermore, it also creates an opportunity to study how digital design can influence and affect people’s behaviours and motivations.

Updated 2018-03-28