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Doctoral education in Information Technology


The general admission procedure and rules for doctoral studies described in The Higher Education Ordinanceexternal link. The faculty board decides on admission of doctoral students, based on a proposal prepared by the managing committee

A doctoral student who is admitted to  doctoral studies has the right to have the requiered supervision and the study conditions to pursue studies through to a Ph.D. degree (totalling a maximum of four years' full-time study).

A doctoral student who holds a position other than at Halmstad University (e.g. an industrial Ph.D. student) presupposes that a written agreement has been made with the employer.


For a student to be admitted onto doctoral studies it is generally required that the student holds a second cycle degree or equivalent. The focus of the student's degree must also be sufficiently linked to the doctoral studies in question, e.g. Computer Science, Computer or Electrical Engineering. In addition to this minimum requirement there are requirements regarding previous knowledge specific to each subject. These are stated in the syllabi (links to the right). Equality aspects is taken into account in the selection process.

The same requirements apply to persons with a first degree taken at a university outside Sweden.
Applicants from abroad who do not have English or a Scandinavian language as their mother tongue, might be required to take an English language test before admission, e.g. TOEFL 550 (paper-based)/TOEFL 213 (computer-based).


Beyond the above mentioned criteria the student must be judged to have the ability to complete the studies. This assessment is mainly based on previous degrees but also on other relevant criteria such as:

  • Knowledge and skills relevant to the thesis work and training topic  
  • Ability to work independently, to formulate and solve scientific problems
  • Written and oral communication skills

The criteria can be proved by written documents or a personal interview.

The intended main supervisor shall together with the director of the doctoral education confirm to the managing committee that the applicant has the capacity to successfully complete the doctoral studies. Then the committee propose the Faculty board to admit the applicant for doctoral studies.

Credit entitlement

If a doctoral student has completed relevant courses prior to enrollment these courses can be accredited. The main supervisor and the director of the doctoral education jointly decide how these can be taken into account.

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