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Doctoral education in Information Technology

Discontinuation of studies

If a doctoral student neglects his/her undertakings to a material extent or does not have the capacity to continue through to a doctoral degree according to the ISP, the school has the right to withdraw supervision and other resources from the student.

The Higher Education Ordinance § 30 and 31 stipulate that:

§ 30 If a student is in a significant breach of its obligations under the study plan, the vice chancellor may decide wether the student should be entitled to tutoring and other educational resources or not. Before such a decision is made, the student and the supervisor shall be given the opportunity to give his/her view about the question. The examination shall be made on basis of their statements and other available information. The assessment must also take into account whether the university has fulfilled its own commitments under the individual study plan or not. The decision shall be in writing and motivated.

Resources may not be withdrawn during the time when the student is employed as a doctoral student or receive a doctoral grant. Regulation (2010:1064).

§ 31 If the resources for education have been withdrawn under § 30, the student may, upon application to the Vice Chancellor, recover his/her right of supervision and other resources. The student must then present a subsequent study of considerable quality and scale or otherwise make it probable that he/she can fulfill the remaining commitments under the individual study plan. Regulation (2010:1064).

Updated 2011-05-15