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School of Information Technology
Licentiate defences - coming and accomplished

Licantiate defences to come:

Date and place

Defender and title

(no planned defenses)

Accomplished Licentiate defences:


Defender and title




Sept 29

Hassan Nemati:

Data-Driven Methods for Reliability Evaluation of Power Cables in Smart Distribution Grids

News article

June 2

Süleyman Savas:

Utilizing Heterogeneity in Manycore Architectures for Streaming Applications

News article

May 29

Mahsa Varshosaz:

Test Models and Algorithms for Model-Based Testing of Software Product Lines

News article


Iulian Carpatorea:

Methods to quantify and qualify truck driver performance

News article


Dec 16

Yuantao Fan:

A Self-Organized Fault Detection Method for Vehicle Fleets

News article

Dec 6

Nikita Lyamin:

Performance evaluation of C-ACC/platooning under ITS-G5 communications

News article

Sept 27

Maytheewat Aramrattana:

AbstractPDF (pdf, 49.8 kB)

Modelling and Simulation for Evaluation of Cooperative Intelligent Transport System Functions

News article

Sept 23

Saeed Gholami Shahbandi:

Semantic Mapping in Warehouses

News article

Feb 5

Marcus Larsson:

Methods to Improve V2V Communications in Platoons of Heavy Duty Vehicles

News article


Accomplished Licentiate defences:



Defender and title

Popular science





Sept. 21


Hawar Ramazanali:

News article



Resource Handling for Military Training Networks






June 1


Le-Nam Hoang:

News article
AbstractPDF (pdf, 47.2 kB) (pdf, 47.2 kB)


Relaying for Timely and Reliable Message Dissemination in Wireless Distributed Control Systems






May 26


Benjamin Vedder:


AbstractPDF (pdf, 45.7 kB) (pdf, 45.7 kB)


Testing Safety-Critical Systems Using Fault Injection and Property-Based Testing






March 20


Essayas Gebrewahid:

News article
AbstractPDF (pdf, 41.4 kB) (pdf, 41.4 kB)


Compiling Concurrent Programs for Manycores


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