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Doctoral education in Information Technology


The managing committee suggests a main supervisor for the doctoral student on admission. The main supervisor must be permanently linked to Halmstad University.

The main supervisor is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that a research task is in place when the studies commence;
  • Designing, together with the student, an Individual Study Plan (ISP);
  • Ensuring that the doctoral student receives qualified supervision to a sufficient extent, so that the doctoral student can follow the ISP.

Matters related to the extent of the supervision shall always be dealt with at the annual study follow-up.

The managing committee also suggests one or more assistant supervisors. Assistant supervisors must hold a PhD degree and might be linked to institutions other than Halmstad University.

A doctoral student at a university without the right to award doctoral degrees, and who has been admitted to a doctoral programme at Halmstad University, may have a main supervisor at his/her home university. The main supervisor should be at least an associate professor and must be suggested by the managing committee. In such cases, the student must also have an assistant supervisor at Halmstad University.

All supervisors at Halmstad University are offered supervisor training. This means that opportunity for continuous development and improvement of their supervisor's ability is given by the department.

The supervision of each student is also evaluated by a follow-up committee.

The Individual Study Plan (ISP) is found on the Guidelines and forms webpage

Updated 2015-09-18